Our Foodservice Range

True Foods wraps are well trusted within the Foodservice industry. We are committed to providing high quality products to suit a diverse range of businesses. Australian Made and Owned, our wraps are the best in the market place. Baked perfectly, they are soft and pliable without compromising flexibility. Suitable for both hot and cold fillings we have designed a product that is versatile and easy to use.

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Everyday Wrap Range

Our everyday tortilla wraps are soft and flexible, making them versatile enough to handle both hot and cold fillings. Made using premium 100% Australian flour, True Foods tortilla wraps will become a product that your customers will love and that you will love to use in all aspects of your business. Our flavoured and specialty range of tortilla wraps offer an all natural taste creating a visually stunning catering option to turn your favourite fillings into the perfect wraps.

The everyday tortilla wrap range includes:

  • Plain Flour Wraps - 6inch, 8inch, 9inch, 10inch and 12inch.
  • Flavoured Wraps - Spinach and Tomato in both 10inch and 12inch
  • NEW Summer Herb Wraps - 12inch


Specialty Wrap Range

True Foods is excited to introduce to you our range of specialty wraps, combining aspects of taste, nutrition and performance while also creating a stunning visual look for your presentation.

NEW! Cholocate Wraps

A dark chocolate coloured wrap, made using all natural chocolate flavours. Perfect for hot or cold fillings to add some excitment to any dessert menu.

Size: 8”

Multigrain wraps

Our Multigrain wraps are packed full of traditional grains such as corn, oats, rye as well as some super grains such as triticale, linseed and barley for an added health benefit. Not only do these wraps taste great but they provide a great visual aspect when on display.

Size: 10”

Piadina Flatbreads

Slightly thicker than our regular flour wraps. This yeast risen flatbread works perfectly as a regular wrap or can be used as a traditional Italian piadina.

Size: 10”

Wholemeal Wraps

Using premium wholemeal flour True Foods wholemeal wraps provide a great alternative to regular flour wraps. Perfect for light meals and snacks, these wraps add a nutritional benefit with a great wholemeal flavour.

Size: 12”

Naan Breads

True Foods Naan Breads have been a core part of our range since our beginnings. A great addition to any meal, they can be used as Pizza bases, as a replacement for sliced bread or char-grilled and served with your favourite trio of dips.

Sizes: Large & Regular